The Miracle



Yonks’ ago, there lived a girl named Kathy. Along with being poor, she was indeed a very brave and kind-hearted orphan,. She lived with her old grandmother who had a nice ancient look. For the health of her granny, Kathy insisted on living in the hilly regions rather than the polluted city. So, there they were, along-with a mongrel, named Snoopy.

“Granny! What’s for lunch? I am really ravenous.” said drenched Kathy, returning from school to home as it was raining heavily that afternoon. Grandmother wanted her granddaughter to be a literate, therefore all the money went to Kathy’s school fees. Granny handed out a plate of rice and salt to Kathy, who politely ate it, as she was aware of their poor state.

After a while when the rain stopped, Kathy went for a stroll in the hills, with snoopy at her heels. There was a misty fog all around the hills. A butterfly was repeatedly sitting on Snoopy’s nose. The excited dog went to chase it. Kathy, unaware of Snoopy’s absence, continued her walk. Out of the blue she heard a cry. Not minding the sharp rocks around her feet, Kathy ran towards the wailing person. It was really difficult to see through the fog, but Kathy’s cat-like eyes managed to see a bent lady sitting on a rock. It was her granny! “granny? What happened why are you crying?” asked Kathy, panting and sitting beside her grandmother. “My dear… I-I am really s-sorry…” stammered the old lady. “I couldn’t help us. When I was having my lunch, few robbers broke in and took away all the ornament belonging to your parents, along-with the little money we had. They tied me up in a corner. In front of my eyes, they put all the things in a small black bag they had and fled. Somehow I managed to get rid of the ropes and came looking for you. I thought they kidnapped you. I…” she began crying again.

Kathy, comforting the shivering damp old lady, walked back towards their hut. She kept saying to her granny not to cry over spilt milk. She said god is definitely going to help them. Suddenly they both heard a welcome bark. “oh snoopy! I really forgot about you. Where were you? And what are you carrying in your mouth?” asked Kathy, curiously. Snoopy came bounding towards the two, happily. Kathy bent to see what snoopy was carrying. It was the black bag where their stolen things were.       


  • …   By Sagarika Mishra
  • Std – VII , St. Joseph School, Bhubaneshwar       

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