Education for a better world

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world . – Nelson Mandela

It is only through ‘knowledge’, a man as a species is quite unique and different from rest of any species that nature has produced ever, so far. Only a man can think, learn and apply knowledge to his own benefit. This quality has taken him  far beyond any capabilities  that can be shown by any other species. This is the reason why he has been proved to be the best creature in the world.

Among men, whoever, wherever and however gets access to it, gets the benefit out of it. Not only individually but also collectively it has a great quality. Knowledge not only benefits at its place, it even grows by transmission. The more you spread the more it grows. The more the number of people get access to knowledge, the more beneficial the outcome happens to the humanity and the world. Education virtually uplifts mankind. This upliftment is not only of some technical knowhow, it even uplifts the social functioning, the economic base ……

Let the knowledge sharing grow more and more among us. So that we can become prosperous and of course happier as a society.

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